I wasn’t sure if this was something that we should cover, but decided that there were plenty of people who could benefit from the practice that it would encourage.

Pure Solo is an online recording tool that allows users to record their part (a vocal or instrumental) over studio quality backing tracks.

My concern is that this is glorified Karaoke that encourages the belief that a reasonable vocal or playing talent is enough to forge some success as a musician – and sure, there will be hordes of people that use it to record ‘demos’ and post them to YouTube. And, there’s nothing wrong with that…… if it’s for fun.

But then I realised that the Beatles learnt how to play pretty much every then existing R&B track in their relentless hours in Hamburg and that most musicians can learn a lot about their craft as players and writers by practising more and learning how great songs are put together.

So, it gets a recommendation from me if it’s something that you can use to hone your chops or just for having fun.

But, please don’t think that of itself it’s a way to make yourself famous or to record professionally!

Watch their promo here.