I had to repost this from Wes Davenports new musican’s tips blog.

Mostly so I remembered about it and passed the tips onto my clients – because they’re great (the tips…and my clients!)

Photos and other kinds of images are so easy to have to hand now that almost all of us are carrying a very good camera in our phones. If that’s a smartphone, you can upload straight to your WordPress blog or Tumblr or Instagram (a personal favourite of mine and Wes’s).

The post has 20 ideas of types of images that you can use and there’s bound to be a few that you hadn’t though about.

Sometimes all it takes to keep your fans in touch is a snap and 10 words of text, on your site, on Facebook and Twitter.

Just because you don’t have a big piece of news to pass on, don’t think that doesn’t mean that your fans won’t want to hear from you.

Post Pics!

Read Wes’s list of 20 here.