Well, I know the answer – it’s not cheap. Or it could be if you’re mega-techy!

But, an artist on a major, particularly a ‘boy band’, could do this and it would get massive press.

Now, I know boy bands aren’t our usual topic but when I saw this Playboy viral ad it made me think of the others that have gone before. Every time I see one, I wonder why a musician doesn’t adopt it.

Do you remember the Mini ‘Aveaword campaign where you could send your mates a message that was highly personalised (their name, their wife / girlfriend’s name, their job) and which called them out for not being man enough to drive a Mini? It was genius.

Or the Dexter ‘Hit List’ serial killer video that named your friends as the next Dexter target?

Here’s an article that mentions a few.

So, the Playboy ad below does a similar thing making you or your friend the object of the Playboy Bunnies’ affections.

Imagine doing this for your band?

If you’re a boyband, record every girl’s name and a personalised message and get a fan to send a personalised video to their friend saying that she’s a fan and thought her friend might like a free track to see if she likes them. This is SIMPLE, but effort intensive.

What do you think?

Here’s the ad: