Did I tell you that I started out in the music industry as a music lawyer?

Solid skills to underpin what I do now.

So, I’m biased, but I recommend listening to music lawyers, both in relation to your rights, what they are and how to protect them, but also these days because they get involved in helping you get noticed and get a deal.

This new piece from Sentric Music looks at those issues and is well worth a read.

“If you’re in the music business, you’re in the copyright business”.

Never a truer word has been committed to digital ink on this blog and it is of upmost importance you remember this tiny idiom.

It’s these tricky little titbits of intellectual property that will ultimately result in an artist earning a living from his/her craft and therefore any deal they make should be tooth combed by someone trained in the relative judicial law the contract is written in.

Following are crowd sourced questions from various areas of the music industry answered by three lawyers at the top of their game. The contributors are anonymous in order for them to give the most honest answers possible without fear of feeling the wrath from the aforementioned ill-educated.


Read it here.