Mic Control’s first webinar last week was a great success with all attending loving the event and the detailed follow-up notes.

So, they’re doing another on August 24th – and, again, we aren’t being paid to tell you about it, but just think it’s a hell of a good way for any musician to spend $10 and a few hours learning some stuff that might make a radical difference to your career.

The topic this time is all about how to turn casual fans into avid fans and how to encourage them to spread the word about you and your music.

As before, attendees will get a pdf of notes and, on this occasion, Ariel Hyatt will be joining the webinar at the end to give her experienced insight on the topic.

Here’s Jon’s pich:

The topics covered within are:

1) Understanding the different types of fans

2) Exploring the importance of Super Fans

3) Creating a set of metrics to determine who and where your super fans exist

4) Converting your casual fans into super fans (building your army!)

5) Supplying your super fans w/ the proper tools and resources to market your music for you

Find out about it and register here.