Chris, who writes at Prescription PR, was the first person to explain to me how he used Facebook Ads to increase his fanbase and those of artists he was working with.

We had several long chats in pubs about it before I tried it for my clients.

So, he knows what he’s talking about.

Given all the above then, should you be advertising on Facebook? Well, there are still definitely big advantages to it for musicians. Most bands compare themselves to other acts, and as highlighted above, Facebook is extremely good at letting you target people who are interested in similar music to yours. And it’s still relatively cheap – at least where CPM (cost per impressions) is concerned: if nothing else, you can get a lot of brand awareness for a low spend, with 1000 impressions of an ad often costing as little as 15p. The trick is to make the most of your spend, and here are our top tips for doing just that:

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