This is BRILLIANT and I owe @DannyDee for pointing it out.

YouTube is preparing a ‘Partner Playbook’ for those lucky enough to have a YouTube Partner channel (where YouTube pays you because you get great traffic).

But, this piece on Social Times is written by someone who was at the YouTube Partner conference and where YouTube’s Ryan Nugent gave an hour long presentation on best practice.

OK, so it’s not targeted to musicians using YouTube but pretty much anyone making video and using YouTube to virally spread them can learn a lot from this.

Creating great content is, without a doubt, the most important ingredient in the recipe to YouTube success.  However, even if you have the best content on the planet, nobody will see it if you haven’t optimized it for discovery.  Ryan Nugent of YouTube’s Next Up Lab says, “50% of the work is making a great video and the other 50% is what you do when you upload it.”  Here, we lay out some helpful rules and guidelines for optimizing your content, as outlined in Ryan’s presentation of the YouTube Partner Playbook.

Check out the Social Times piece here.

And watch the YouTube video here. No, really, do. It could be the best use of an hour of your time!