Have you checked out our mammoth post series on Twitter for Musicians?

It’s essential reading and really does give you chapter and verse on how to use Twitter as part of your music promotion efforts.

But, I’m always looking for more tips and loved this post from Social Media expert Madalyn Sklar as it distills the essence of Twitter into 6 simple tips.

Here are my 6 simple tips that will help you build momentum and followers. There is no magic pill for instant success. But if you follow these strategies, you will improve your results. And remember, it’s about building your Twitter network… one follower at a time!

It takes time, consistency and a plan of action. So let me ask you… how effective are you on Twitter? People I talk to either love it (and might even admit to being addicted) or they just don’t get it, not understanding how it can help them.

Read them here.