I didn’t know this existed – and I am a huge fan of Dropbox which I use to sync my files everywhere.

But Gobbler is designed specifically as an online storage and back-up solution for musicians with very trick integration with all the most popular recording systems – Pro Tools, Logic etc.

I talked to all my management clients about this today – one was already using it and loved it and all the others signed up.

It’s a no brainer.

I found out about it from this article in the LA Times – which I heard about from one of my Google+ circles (BTW – I find myself looking at that way more than Facebook already!)

Sitting on a bus as it was rolling across Turkey on a concert tour in summer 2009, the 37-year-old Los Angeles entrepreneur watched singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz fire up a disc drive where he had stored a song he had been recording. To their horror, the drive was dead.

“I started asking other musicians how they kept copies of their work,” Kantrowitz recalled. “They were all on these old tapes and disc drives. To me, that was crazy.”

That gave Kantrowitz the idea to launch Gobbler, a company that would not only back up artists’ digital files but also let them collaborate to create songs with other musicians anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Here’s the LA Times piece.

And here’s the Gobbler intro video.