Hypebot ran a piece yesterday about the launch of ‘Music as a Service’ by Audiosocket.

That particular bit of their business is a cool way for other web based companies to offer their users access to pre-cleared music for video and web apps and the like. You can read more about that here.

But, just like Gobbler in the previous post, I didn’t know about Audiosocket at all!

What it means for you as an artist is another potential outlet for your music and one that can earn you revenue.

As a DIY musician in the modern music busines you will almost certainly have been told a lot that alternative revenue generating methods are key to your survival – they are. And, licensing your music for ads, TV, web use etc is the main one of those routes.

Audiosocket look like a very cool outfit who A&R their catalogue and represent ‘culturally relevant’ music rather than ‘crap stock music’! I like that.

Their 50% commission of any fees might look heavy but as it’s free to join, and they offer a non-exclusive deal and you can still license your music yourself (or with another agent) as well, why not submit your music and see if they’ll take you on?

Check them out here.