I have just been wandering about the web looking at info on Street Teams for my seminar talk.

Amanda is the expert at these as she ran them for a while – but she’s not here!

Fancorps have long been a leader in providing these services to major brands and artists alike and I noticed that they offer a free pdf for download that explains their service.

I’m not suggesting that you need to hire them (although you could – I have no idea what they charge), but just reading their pdf tells you a lot about how they think an online street team can spread the word about your music – and so you can apply that thinking to setting up your own team.

Start off by emailing your fan list and ask them to sign up again to a separate list (any decent email service like those we recommend in our Fan List posts can do this) and then give them assets to use, tasks to do and street team only rewards for doing so.

Give it a go.

Read the Fan Corps concept here.

And get the pdf to inspire you here.