I owe this post to Greg Rollett who emailed this link out yesterday.

His blog is great – click here.

But whether you know of Greg and his music marketing skills, this video is worth checking out just to see how the creativity involved is making the artist concerned grab fans very quickly – of course, the music is good and his talent isn’t just on the video front.

We wrote about how people would start using the in-video annotations to link to other videos on YouTube to make a new kind of interactive video – and this does that to a degree by asking others to download the videos and get involved.

But, the big deal is just in the creative thought that went into the video.

Greg said:

He used creative editing to make 3 versions of his music video and then filmed them being recreated in 3 iPhones. It is one of the most creative things I have ever seen. 
Beyond this, he has put the 3 videos up for download so fans can recreate the videos themselves with their friends (you need 3 iPhones to recreate).
Go watch the video now and see what ideas you can think of for using mobile and video creatively.
Watch the video here.