I thought that we might’ve posted this already but I can’t find it, and it’s excellent and well worth reading – so here goes.

What I like about this piece is that it states that you need to be trying to write hits, but not by selling out – and, the best way to get to a hit is by being true to your convictions and your art.

Finding your Hit Zone is essential if you’re an emerging songwriter, artist or producer, because without it:

  • Most or all of your marketing, online networking and live shows will be useless;
  • You’ll have a hard time building a fan base;
  • You’ll probably only sell your music to your friends and family;
  • You won’t get TV/film licenses;
  • You’ll have a hard time getting signed;
  • And so on…

Yes, your Hit Zone is that important.  It’s the most important thing you can do as an artist to attract fans, make more money and achieve success.  It’s like the g-spot: if you haven’t found it, you’re just flailing around and wasting your time.

Read the piece here.