Links to two posts on the Tunecore blog that each list “10 Inaccurate, Erroneous and Irrelevant” pieces of advice that musicians are told.

Now, being as everyone is entitled to hand out advice, I don’t agree entirely with all 20!

The one I have the most beef with is this:

With the rise of the Internet/social media I can build an audience online

Remember that the articles are stating that these are pieces of bad advice.

To be fair, the point made is that you can’t just expect to build an audience online – that your online efforts amplify and add to your offline effots, and that I do sort of agree with. However, I (as you’d probably guess) do give a lot of weight to what can be achieved purely online. Indeed, in our personal experience with our clients a lot of initial momentum is built entirely online.

So, generally, these posts are great advice, but rememeber that your own experience and interpretation of ANY advice you get is as important as the advice itself.

Here are the two posts.

The original 10 pieces of bad advice.

The follow up 10 pieces of more bad advice.

And, of course, or the best advice – visit our main site – Make It In Music!