Bob Lefsetz again.

This time advising old school artists on what they need to do to build a new fanbase when they have a new release.

BUT, equally applicable to your career whatever stage you’re at.

And, Bob has a beautifully simple way of distilling the steps down to the basic truth.

Here’s the first key:

1. You’ve got to know who your fans are.

It’s best if you’ve got everybody’s e-mail address.  But you need a presence on Facebook and Twitter too.  If someone decides to check you out on a whim, which is what fans do, we mindlessly surf to the firing of neurons in our brains, you’d better be readily available online, with up to date information.  People will go to Facebook first, but if you’ve got a Web page don’t focus on design but information.  Even if you yourself don’t post, make sure there’s new info EVERY DAY!  That’s what makes people come back.  And if you’re posting on Facebook or Twitter it had better be you, nothing pisses people off more than when an impostor, your lackey, posts for you.  It’s easy to detect, just like boys impersonating girls online and vice versa.  Anybody who says you can’t tell the sex of someone online doesn’t play, it’s OBVIOUS!

Read it all here.