I’m linking to this article on Hypebot because I’d like all musicians to learn a bit about SEO – because it WILL bring you some new fans.

Why wouldn’t you want that?

I know this from experience and use it for my clients as set out in the video below.

So you finally have a website for your group or band, but you have no idea how to get traffic there. This is an issue that many musicians go through because they have no real knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization). In order to get traffic to your site, you have to properly optimize your website which in turn will improve your rankings and move you up higher within search engine results. Contrary to what many believe, it’s really not as hard as it seems. With a little hard work and persistence, you’ll have your website at the top of those results before you know it. Here are 9 tips you can use to help you get there.

Read the Hypebot article here.

Watch our SEO basics video here.