We wrote about Lefsetz’s piece on Amanda Hocking yesterday and then saw this piece by Bob Baker.

He looks at the same story but makes the point that the kind of success that Amanda Hocking is now experiencing is not overnight. He compares her to musician Jonathan Coulton:

Here are the traits that Coulton and Hocking share:

  • They are both prolific; they have created a vast body of work over the years
  • Through years and countless hours of effort, they have honed their craft and created music and books that a certain slice of the population deems “damn good”
  • They have been willing to use the Internet and the digital tools available to them to connect with an audience
  • They create even more music and books to feed the appetite of their existing audience, which further grows their fan base and income streams

Read the whole piece from Bob here.

I’ll bet that the guy who is the Weeknd that we mentioned in the previous piece didn’t just come up with his success plan overnight either!

Here’s Bob’s final word from Coulton:

“You need to work extremely hard, make music that is great, and find people to buy it from you. The end.”