This is from Bob Lefsetz’s email last night:

This is the hottest thing going.

Right now.

Most Websites are a fad.  Will be such?

We’ll find out!

But has got one thing that Pandora does not.  Sociability.  You’re not listening alone, you’re listening with your buds.

And please watch this video to the point where you learn how to earn points and win new avatars.  THIS is what the mainstream music business does not understand.  Music is a club.  And Lyor and Irving and Doug and so many just aren’t a member of it.  They still believe it’s about being above and talking down.  But we’ve had a revolution, and now we’re all in it together.  Which is why premium packages and so many of the music industry shenanigans stink.  They’re contrary to the ethos of today.

But despite the deafening word of mouth on, most people have no idea how it truly works.  (And they’re doing it so right making it invitation only at first…how come the mainstream music business can’t figure this out either?)  But Richard Greenfield of BTIG Research unearthed the following YouTube clip which explains it from soup to nuts.

Stop what you’re doing right now and watch this: