We often quote Bob Lefstz – sign up on his site if you don’t get his mails already.

He rubs some people up the wrong way, but, for me, he just tells it as he sees it, whether he is going to piss you off or not.

This is a great piece where he talks about how a DIY musician will break through to the mainstream.

That’s what great music does.  Inspire you.  Keeps you going when no one else will pay attention, when they’re pissing on your dreams if they’re aware of them at all.  Put on that record and let your freak flag fly.

Well, not exactly.  Amanda Hocking was cold and calculating.  She delivered books she believed would sell.  Which is why when we ask why no outsider has triumphed in the music game we’ve got to point out that they’re all trying to be hip and cool, whereas he who wins without a major label…will be positively mainstream.

The music will be catchy.  With great vocals.  Harmonies.  Not only choruses, but bridges.

The breakthrough will come not from Brooklyn, but somewhere far from hipdom, where a young soul is creating to get out of the hole he’s in, to make it.

The gatekeepers don’t know.

Repeat that to yourself.  You’re as smart as they are, probably smarter.  Because you know the target audience.  What does a fiftysomething male know about what kids desire?  Radio doesn’t know either, otherwise it wouldn’t do research!

You’re the expert.

Read the piece here.

And, do follow his link (this link) and read the story about Hocking in the NY Times. It’s inspirational.

I particularly love the part where she says that it was hearing two musicians encourage kids to make their dreams come true that made her keep trying – and then she put in the effort!