The Prescription PR blog is my new favourite place to find some very honest and useful advice.

And this is a great article.

If you can now record an album in a shed, should you also take all the photos, make the video and run the marketing campaign? Maybe, and often you’ll feel like you have no choice.

We often come across artists who have spent years perfecting their sound in their own home studios, and who excel at DIY recording…who then ruin a fantastic home-recorded album by designing a crappy cover in Photoshop and shooting their own video (making it much harder for us to get journalists or bloggers to take them seriously). It’s easy to see why bands do this: it’s infinitely cheaper and often quicker than hiring a professional. And in some cases, it’s absolutely fine to take the DIY route  – for example, there might be a guy in the band with a day job in online advertising, who can set up an excellent, cost-effective campaign. Or there may be a photographer in the group who can sort out some fantastic press shots. The problem is that there often isn’t, and with a plethora of cheap gadgets and online services available, it’s very tempting for musicians – who are so used to taking a DIY approach to their music – to assume that a) this is a good way of filling the gap and b) that a DIY approach to everything will always yield positive results.

Read the whole article for a balanced view.