This links to a post that specifically deals with writer’s block for songwriters and it’s got 5 great tips.

But, the post is part of a set of posts from a group of bloggers all writing on the same topic on the same day – a ‘synchro-blog’ (in itself, a great idea that you could get a group of local or niche-related bands to do on a shared topic).

So, check out the post but the one’s that it links to have some great ideas as well.

Here’s the first tip:

1. Stop listening to music that sounds like yours.
This would seem like a no brainer. But it is not. When writing a song, if you want to sound like John Legend, don’t listen to John Legend.
Because your natural tendencies will ALREADY take you that direction. Let those tendencies flow while allowing other influences to seep in and make you unique.

Read the post and the other links here.