I have to admit that I, like almost everyone, don’t use Facebook Notes very well.

This piece from Madalyn Sklar points out the best way to use them to help spread some news or information across Facebook. Since you can tag friends and Pages from the Note, it’s a great way to start the spread of the Note within Facebook.

In her article, Madalyn looks at how a Note is written from a personal profile, but you can also do this from your Fan Page. By default, a new Fan Page does not have the ‘Notes’ app but this can easily be added by visiting the ‘Edit Page’ area and adding it from the standard apps.

You could use this for all sorts of things – maybe as Thank You notes to fans for coming to gigs including a photo of them (and tagging them in the Note so that their friends see) or for adding some extra detail to an event listing, as a place to jot down a quick post (perhaps a Tour diary entry) that you feel doesn’t need to go on your main blog or even a repost of that blog post from your main site. The possibilities are pretty endless.

I’ll be trying this out a lot more now that Madalyn has pointed it out.

Read her ideas here.