Great article – and not something that is often written about.

Stage presence is a complicated thing, if only because it comes in so many varieties. If we were to compile a list of artists considered to have a great stage presence, we would probably find that no two are quite alike.

Let’s start with the fundamentals – stage presence is the conveyance of feeling comfortable on stage and complementing your musical performance with the appropriate visual aspect.

‘Appropriate’ is a key word here. What will be considered appropriate depends on the music being performed. While a swing guitarist playing his ES-175 behind his head might get a few laughs these days, rather than being subject to horrified looks from the audience as would probably have been the case only a couple of decades ago, some forms of showmanship fit better with certain musical styles than others. Thus, a lot of what consitutes a good stage presence will be dependent on the genre in question.

There are some things common to just about any genre and this is what I want to focus on.

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There is also a famed teacher of this art in the US – Tom Jackson. He’s not cheap, but he is worth checking out. Generally held to be the number one coach.