It’s very rare that we recommend something for our readers and followers to buy.

Although we’re always buying training books and courses ourselves – and we believe that it’s essential to invest in knowledge that can help you reach your aims – I guess that we’d feel a little uncomfortable if we were doing it all the time!

Plus, when we get the time and develop our own training products, you can bet that we’ll be recommending those!

In fact, the last thing we recommended was ProBlogger’s ‘First week of Blogging’ guide. Several people bought it on our recommendation and thanked us!

So, now, ProBlogger have released a new eBook called ‘Blogging for your Business‘ and it is just as applicable to ‘Blogging for your Music career’!

We learnt all the basic knowledge about using WordPress and the ins and outs of blogging from ProBlogger (at the very least, it’s worth digging around their blog)

So, this comes well recommended. What we like about it is that it takes the approach of seeing blogging as something that supports your efforts to market your business (or, in your case, your music). Yes, it deals with the technical side very well, which is always welcome, but it will help you understand how writing about things that are not just about your latest release will grow your audience.

Oh, and it comes with a money back guarantee!

So, you can read it, learn everything you need and then ask for a refund!

Expert blogging instruction with a money back guarantee that will help you build a bigger fanbase – we like this.

Have a look at it here.