I found this post on a new service which is set to be like a Digg for music (I would tell you what it is, but I’m not sure I’m supposed to, but I will when it’s out of Beta)

This post is an old one that has turned up there as people like it – and it’s full of tips on how to write a hit rock song.

Whether you think it’s all great advice or not, it’s a very useful piece as it follows the writer through the stages of crafting the song with videos of him playing the sections. If you’re new to songwriting it’s going to give you, at the very least, a reference to how someone else gets from idea to song.

I remember being a kid listening to my favorite bands of the day and wondering, “how do they do that?” It seemed totally amazing to me that someone could take an instrument and create this piece of music that made me have so many strong feelings be it happiness, anger, joy, and write these words that seemed to speak to me.

I still have that same feeling sometimes when I hear great new bands, except now I understand after my many years of studying music, writing music and performing it in front of people there is more to it then just writing for writing’s sake.

Read the piece here.