I posted this yesterday when the people that I’m doing it for sent me the link, but it deserves a post!

I’m doing my first ever speaking gig as Make It In Music on 13th July in Bristol.

It’s called ‘How to break your band using the Internet – methods, tools & tips’.

I’m really looking forward to it, although, like most people, I don’t relish public speaking!

If I get enough time before the event I’m hoping to turn it into a pdf that I’ll make available afterwards – to all our readers, not just those that come to the event. Given that I am always overworked, this might fail to materialise!

Here’s the blurb:

An in-depth and interactive seminar on how to use the Internet to build a fanbase for your music. The latest and best practices that every musician should know and use including what you need to know about the artist website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, music blogs and more.

The seminar will give you a workable plan that you can apply to stand out on the web and attract a fanbase that can underpin your success.

We will look at:
Building an effective website for pennies
Why you need a mailing list
How to best use Facebook
Why Twitter is a key tool that you need to master
Effective promotion using music blogs
How, why, where and when to sell your music for maximum sales
….and more.

And, you can find out more and book tickets here.

Like I said yesterday – no heckling!