So, you thought that just by posting your updates, thoughts and links to your Facebook Fan Page wall, all your fans (‘likers’) would be seeing everything that you say and do in their News Feed?

Not so, hombre!

The sad fact is that something around 90% of fans never return to the Fan Page once they’ve liked it, so it is imperative that you get your posts seen in the fan’s News Feed. And, with the advent of Facebook’s EdgeRank system to determine what shows up in a fan’s News Feed, it is the most popular posts from all their friends and Fan Pages that they like which they are showm.

However, there are some things that you can do to try to help make sure that your posts have good EdgeRank and therefore are most likely to show up high in a fan’s News Feed.

In short, it’s down to the old chestnut of engagement.

A report from Buddy Media that you can download for free here gives you the full facts.

And, Hypebot have a recap of the report’s points here.

This is very importnat to your music promotion efforts on Facebook – don’t ignore it!