I use Topspin and RootMusic BandPage for my clients.

When Topspin announced this yesterday, I added a New BandPage (from scratch) to a client’s Facebook Fan Page and had it installed and with a Topspin store selling 10 different records / CD’s / downloads within 10 minutes!

Sure it needs tweaking and more doing to it, but, that, my dears, is the future!

Read the post on Topspin’s blog or watch the video below. In short, this shows why Topspin are at the leading edge of Direct To Fan – sharing API and looking to offer the best functionality for promoting, marketing and selling your music.

I know I sound like their salesman – I promise I’m not! – but it works for me.

Someone asked me yesterday if I didn’t think it was too expensive. No, I don’t. I come from an old school background where my artists were paid maybe 15% of record sales. So paying $9.99 per month and 15% to the distributor and keeping 85% feels pretty good to me!

Watch the video here.