Althought this post from Simply Zesty is aimed at business users, it has 8 tips that really are just a little more insightful than your usual Facebook tips.

And, they are all applicable to musicians and how you use Facebook to promote your music.

There’s lots of good advice out there for running a good Facebook Page and how you can build a long-term community. I wanted to offer something a little bit different and look at those simple tips that you might often overlook, but are fundamental to running a good Facebook Page. A Facebook Page itself is now almost shorthand for running a social media presence altogether, yet it’s still such a unique medium that many of us are getting our heads around. There’s certainly no tried and tested right or wrong method to it, though many brands are making the mistakes as they go and importantly learning from these. Check out our own tips, and let us know your own below!

Read them all here.