We wrote about a piece in the Independent about Adele the other day.

Bob Lefsetz has followed up on the piece and his comments are far more eloquently put than mine!

This is SO right it should be distributed to every wannabe musician to shed light on the proper direction to take in a career.

It’s about music.  And credibility.  And Adele has both.

The public believes her music is real and believes she’s all about the music.  That’s another one of America’s downfalls, executives wanting bigger paychecks convincing vulnerable musicians that they’ve got to play with the Fortune 500 and Clear Channel to get ahead.


People want to believe. That’s what blew up music forty years ago, that’s what’s been lost in the MTV/CD era.  People no longer believe the artists are all about pursuing their craft, getting it right.  People can’t identify with artists the same way they can’t identify with Lloyd Blankfein and the rest of the Wall Street titans.  Come on, read that Mariah Carey tripe.  Is this YOU?

Read Bob’s post here.