Image by Karola Reigler Photography

Check out this long post about the continued resurgence of vinyl and what it means, both culturally and for you as a mucsician.

It’s a great piece that links out to various other articles to look at the whole picture of what is currently happening with vinyl sales – the truth being that they are on the increase but are a tiny fraction of music sales overall.

Cutting a vinyl record today is about making a physical artefact of a release. It carries with it prestige. Its scarcity is part of its value, with exclusive 12″ releases again returning to the days when DJs were judged by the obscure gems in their collection, not the disposable digital hits.

But, for the DIY musician, this format is something special. When you have a fanbase that can support the cost (somewhere between 2500 and 5000 people on your email list – actively interested in your music) there will be a core number amongst them who adore the idea of a physical 7″ or 12″. I see it all the time with my clients where we get a steady stream of email asking for various records on vinyl. OK, sure, it’s genre dependent to a degree (all those trip-hoppers and electronic fans love vinyl more than some other niche fans) but, for all artists, the market is there.

Learn about vinyl – it’s tactility, warmth, superior sound, heritage etc – and when the time is right, make a big deal about offering it to your fans.

Read the whole piece here.