…if you’re truly brilliant!

Just to be contrary, I had to post this article about Adele from today’s Indie newspaper.

It tells us that she doesn’t Tweet, won’t play festivals and doesn’t do brand tie-ins or advertising hook-ups.

Pretty much three cornerstones of what I and those like me who peddle advice for the aspiring musician would all be telling you to do.

So how come it works for her and yet we tell you to do it differently?

Well, the truth is that she got IMPORTANT THING NUMBER 1 right ages ago, and this allows you to ignore everyone and strike out for all your goals secure in the kowledge that you’ll get there in the end.


I don’t care whether you agree with me or not. If you don’t agree, you’re deluding yourself and will carry on deluding yourself when you should be taking stock and perfecting your art!

And, don’t forget that this is not overnight sucess – this is ‘Album 2’ and nearly 5 years after she left a performing arts school and thre years since her first Album.

Where does that leave all the advice that we ‘musician bloggers’ hand out?

Well, it all still works – and Adele would still be where she is if she followed those suggestions. But, don’t mistake my advice for a ‘magic bullet’. It will give you the best chance of building a fanbase and getting noticed by the wider public if used properly and if you put in a lot of hard work.

But it won’t work for shit if your music’s shit!

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