I recommend a lot of things that Jon Ostrow does at Mic Control – because he works incredibly hard to post really useable advice for aspiring musicians.

His latest post groups together 25 articles breaking down the basics of music marketing.

He says:

‘As an emerging musician, marketing your music and yourself can be an overwhelming though. Even an uncomfortable one at times. Some musicians are naturally business-savvy and are lucky enough to truly understand how branding and marketing can help create a sustainable career in music. Unfortunately these ‘lucky ones’ are few and far between, with most musicians having a far more difficult time the fact that their ability to establish a fan base and create a sustainable career is dependent on the their business and marketing skills on top of their musicianship and performance.

So, I’ve put together my first course all focused on helping you to better grasp the idea of marketing and how it can help you with career advancement, if executed properly.’

Read the post, bookmark it and use as a reference.