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This is a great post that covers some of the same ground as our free eBook for musicians – which you should get if you haven’t already!

All I’ll add is that the advice in this post and in our eBook isn’t intended to make anyone give up, but it should be taken to heart. You need to be able to analyse what is and isn’t working with your music or band and make the changes that are stopping you moving forward.

I have had the privilege of sitting as a judge on the largest annual Band Competition in Finland. It has 200 bands attending every year, and I’ve been part of the judging panel since 2005. The competition is aimed at unsigned bands, and is open to anyone. The entrants are picked in the order of entry submissions, so the bands are not required to have previous gigging experience. Some of the bands are playing their first ever gigs, while others have been playing youth clubs for years. Needless to say a bit of experience goes a long way. Year after year, I’ve witnessed the same problems that the bands make in the beginning of their journey. Here is my top list:

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