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After the previous post that suggests that you need to pander to a standard view, this is the antidote – and proof that the opposing view (a resolute and steadfast belief in yourself and your material) can winn through – big time.

It doesn’t matter that this story is about Sade and whether you like her material or not, nor that it’s about the old industry – there are things to be learnt here.

What they needed was some DIY thinking. Sade’s boyfriend played the tracks to friends who worked at style-bible the Face. They liked both Sade and the music and put her on the cover with the headline: “Sade, the Face of 1984.” The band quickly organised a gig at the club Heaven, inviting journalists who witnessed 1,000 people being turned away at the door. The next day all the record companies tried to sign them. Most of the labels wanted to send her to the US to work with big producers such as Quincy Jones. But Sade had a clear vision of what she wanted to do – so instead of the biggest offer, she took the deal that allowed her to finish what she started.

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