Not sure what you can take from this, but I was simply fascinated.

A slew of musicians tell us what song changed their life and why.

We all have these moments in our life and can’t turn back once the lightning strikes.

Can it be as simple as Adam from Hurts says – that hearing an album blew his mind so much that he had to become a musician?

Adam Anderson of Hurts

“Paranoid Android” or “Exit Music (for a Film)” by Radiohead

I had zero interest in even listening to music until I bought OK Computer. My family had no musical heritage… I wasn’t brought up with music around me in the slightest. I honestly only bought this album to begin with because I loved the artwork; I knew nothing about the band. I was so swept away by the music, just transported away instantly… so much so that within a few days I was always going to be a musician. It was probably one of these two songs that captured me the most.

Great piece from the Independent. Read them all here.