So, if you missed it last week, YouTube announced their own music chart based on a “holistic view of song popularity”.

Read the DIY Musician piece on this here.

I was quite amazed by how many of the Top 100 are not this week’s hits, but are songs that have been out a while. Not sure what it means as we have no idea what YouTube is measuring, but it’s not what I’d expected.

So, why is it a goldmine?

Well, this is YouTube telling you what are the most popular songs so that you can do a response video or a cover video – or use that information for some other purpose that you can come up with.

I can’t find an RSS feed for that page, but I have feeds in my reader for the following for the same reason:

Most Viewed Today

Most Viewed Week

Most Viewed Month

Top Favourites Today

Top Rated Today

Recently Featured

You can find how to get these feeds here –

A lot of the videos in these aren’t music, so the new chart is a bonus.

I’d recommend all aspiring musicians look at these videos and charts regularly to see what songs are getting views globally and perhaps to make some videos that will get views off the back of their popularity.

But – beware the covers game. I’m a fan, but this Hypebot article illustrates the danger.