I’m hoping to interview Martin Atkins for the site later this week – computer meltdown allowing!

In preparation, I’m reading his latest book with the ever so eloquent title, ‘Welcome to the Music Business – you’re Fucked!‘.

It’s a good read and I’ll be going over some of the points with Martin in the interview.

For now, I wanted to draw out one thing that he says, as I found it to be so true from my own experience.

‘All anyone that is going to help you will do is use the building blocks that you have created yourself, and try to build something with them. If you don’t have any building blocks, there is a limit to what anyone can do to help you.

Take that on board.

I have managed artists and songwriter/producers for years and the thing that is at the root of their success (or failure) every time is their work ethic. I can’t make something happen if I have no songs to play people, records to promote and market, live shows to bring people to. I can drive a lot of it, but you, the talent, need to buckle and down and do some work.

And, these days, when you’re unsigned, that includes all the DIY musician marketing, as well as the actual business of writing, recording and performing.

Don’t wait for someone else (a manager or label or whatever) to come along and lift you to success – get as much done as you can yourself and these people will come looking for you.

Check out ‘Welcome to the Music Business – you’re Fucked!‘ here.

And Martin’s previous book, ‘Tour Smart and Break the Band‘, is an absolute essential for all musicians. Just see what the reviews on Amazon say!