There’s been some important things occuring in the Facebook world this week.

Here’s our quick take.

1. MySpace have launched a program that allows musicians to build a Music Page on Facebook that is driven by their MySpace page.

DON’T go this route unless you have a compelling reason.

MySpace is a dying platform (see the latest 50% usage drop in two months here). You should retain a simple MySpace profile that is easy to update as some people will find you and others will go and look for you there, for a good while yet, despite it’s slow death!

But, although the MySpace to Facebook option might sound simple as you only update MySpace and it updates Facebook automatically, and it has some good combined data, it in some senses is just porting the weakness of MySpace into Facebook.

There are better options for a dedicated Music Page on Facebook (RootMusic’s BandPage et al) which are designed to work in Facebook from the ground up. Plus, your Music Page on Facebook should actually be one tab of several that split up different elements of your message – photos, events, video, blogs etc.

But, most importantly, why build your presence on the dominant social network by relying on one that’s dying – it makes no sense to invest time and effort in something that you can see will eventually fail you!

Read about it here – and then don”t use it!

2. You can now tag photos on Facebook as your page.

This is a big deal and there’s a couple of posts that give you some ideas as to how you’ll be getting great viral promotion out of this.

Read this on Techcrunch.

And this on DIY Musician.


Lastly, Facebook have released their own guide about how to use Facebook for marketing.

It’s obvious that they know what works best on their own site – all musicians should read this.

Read it and use their instructions!