On the ever excellent Mic Control blog they are running a series of posts on fan funding – and this one is especially good.

The piece looks at one band’s decision to use Kickstarter to raise the money to make their first album but it also has input from the studio where they were going to record – which adds a different perspective.

What I like about it is that it goes into detail about how the band came to decide on fan funding, and what they did wrong!

In retrospect, we should have anticipated these sorts of questions. We also should have prepared a short video presentation for the Kickstarter page. Seeing a short pitch with real human beings in it makes the project seem more personal; all we had was a relatively formal, but excruciatingly vague description of what we were trying to do. Sure it made sense for our fans who had seen us live, but it didn’t introduce our band to strangers stumbling across the Kickstarter page. All we had was a photo of us on stage performing, and since we were all very unhappy with the quality of our demo recording, we didn’t even have an example of what we sounded like.

Read the whole thing here.