Just go and read this post from Bob Lefsetz.

He lists the people he thinks are the 10 most powerful right now in Music – and tells us why. He also looks at those that aren’t as powerful as you’d think.

His conclusion is that talent and ‘direct to fan’ is the answer – oh, how odd, that’s what we’re teaching!

The future is in the hands of the public.  Who will follow the leads of individuals utilizing tech tools to build infrastructure.  I’d love to tell you exactly where we’re going, but I don’t know.  But one thing I’m sure of is the future will not look like the past. Those in the past have blown it by insisting the public stay in the past.  The public loves digital files, wants tons of them, for nowhere near a buck a track, yet the labels still cling to an old model.  The future is a new model.  Based on access.  Monetizing in ways heretofore unseen.  It’s about marrying Richard Russell’s acts with Topspin exploitation.  All the while charging the public to hear everything at their fingertips.  We’ll get there.  And most of the people who were powerful before Napster will be ancient history.  Some of those who are powerful today will be history. But those who make the music will survive.  If they’ve put in their 10,000 hours, if what they create resonates with the public.  You don’t have to make what everyone else does.  But when you get it right, you need a Coran Capshaw or an insightful twentysomething to navigate a career where you make every decision thinking about your audience, not your wallet.  There’s plenty of money..if your music is great and you’re credible and you know that the old institutions, radio and television and labels, mean less than ever before.

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