Image by mandiberg

This is a business focused post but it is definitely worth reading as it has tips and opinions from loads of people on how they use Facebook and what they do to grow their fanbase there.

I could single out ideas but, really, it’s worth five minutes reading to see if anything they mention strikes a chord and gives you an idea for something that you’re not already doing.

Whether your Facebook page has 100 fans or 50,000 fans, a Facebook page requires ongoing attention to the type of content you post, frequency of posts, understanding about your users–what brings them to a page, what engages them to like, comment and share, and what keeps them coming back. If you’re serious about your Facebook page you cannot take a laissez -faire attitude, pages require ongoing commitment.

Read it here.

The one thing I will point to is Wildfire – a paid app tool that allows you to do some of the things that people in the post talk about, such as quizzes and other forms of viral promotion.

I’ve not used it but I will be trying it out in the near future. I do however know a band that use it to run contests and both they and their fans love it!