Marketing to your fans via their mobile is the next frontier.

We should all be making sure that our websites work and are easy to read on Smartphones, but we shouldn’t ignore the simplicity of text messaging for marketing.

I’m no expert in this, although we have used it in the past with bands that I’ve managed on major labels. It used to be out of reach for DIY musicians!

Some apps that bands use (like Mobile Roadie) are similar (to texting) in that they send ‘push mesages’.

But, this piece by Jon Oszajca on text message marketing using a new service called Call Loop is worth a read.

Perhaps the most significant factor with text messaging is that the open rate of each message is nearly 100%. After all, who doesn’t click the tab on their phone when a message comes in.

Email on the other hand is another story. Open rates tend to average between 10% – 40%. That’s a significant portion of our hard won leads who are not even bothering to read our emails.

Another great thing about text messaging is that it’s a great way to alert people instantly about real time events such as live shows, album releases and special promotions. Furthermore, it’s a relatively new medium which offers a lot of opportunities for those of us who get involved now.

Great open rates and being at the forefont of new methods is always a good idea in marketing!

Read Jon’s post here.

Call Loop integrates with the autoresponder that we recommend – Aweber.

Check them both out.