Billboard posted this update about Facebook’s newly relaunched Music Page:

According to a company representative, the new music page will be “used to engage with anyone within the music community (musicians, fans, others in the industry) and also includes some best practices for how musicians can maximize their Facebook presences.”

The info tab on the music page boasts the following features:
–    Send updates about tours and concerts
–    Showcase new releases
–    Engage with fans
–    Upload photos from concerts anywhere in the world
–    Let your content spread virally through user interactions with your Page, and be discovered

Read the Billboard piece here.

The good news is that this must mean that Facebook is taking on the challenge of making Facebook the Social Media focus for musicians. With MySpace withering (and not really a Social Network anyway – although we suggest you keep an EPK like page there), Facebook has the landscape all to itself and ought to help us all out!

Check out the Facebook Music page here.

The page has some useful direct links for setting up your new Music Fan Page and also has a page of tips under the ‘For Musicians’ tab. Plus, it looks like they’re going to group articles of advice together under the ‘Articles’ tab.

Check it out, ‘Like’ it and bookmark it and keep an eye on what Facebook are advising you should do to promote your music on their site.

Of course, check our ever expanding section on Facebook for Musicians too!