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Thanks to @TQuillfeldt for this tip – worth following, as he always uncovers good stuff.

This one covers 5 points that I fully agree with and have seen many times!

When you’re writing songs and making demos, bear these in mind as you can waste a lot of time and money recording stuff that either isn’t good enough or that you just aren’t ready to record or perhaps use.

Keep your powder dry so that you don’t waste your efforts!

The professional demo-recording process is a necessary part of the equation for songwriters aspiring to get their material heard by music industry decision-makers and, hopefully, cut by successful recording artists. Despite the fact that hundreds of demos are recorded every week in places like Nashville, New York and Los Angeles, new songwriters often find themselves overwhelmed and a bit intimidated by the prospect of getting their songs demoed and ready for primetime. By highlighting some of the mistakes I’ve encountered in my years of recording songwriter demos, I can hopefully help new songwriters avoid some of the pitfalls that result in either overly expensive or ineffective recordings.

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