I saw this post courtesy of @thornybleeder‘s very good daily music stories round-up email – worth signing up for.

And it’s great – insightful and inspiring words that should encourage all artists to keep going, perfecting their art and never giving up.

There’s loads of great stuff in the post – here’s just one litle bit:

If there was a secret formula for getting an audience, or gaining a following, I would give it to you. But there’s only one not-so-secret formula that I know: “Do good work and put it where people can see it.”

It’s a two step process.

Step one, “do good work,” is incredibly hard. There are no shortcuts. Make stuff every day. Fail. Get better.

Step two, “put it where people can see it,” was really hard up until about 10 years ago. Now, it’s very simple: “put your stuff on the internet.”

Read the whole thing here.