This is a great post that EVERY artist should read.

It’s a detailed look at why music bloggers are now very important to your success, how to approach them and what not to do.

I have added my own rather good (if I say so myself!) comment in the thread below the post that sets out how we approach bloggers when promoting an artist release. It’s a handy, short ‘how to’.

But, I thoroughly recommend you read the whole thing.

If you want someone to blog about your band but can’t be bothered past the point of spamming a collection of mailing lists, you’re wasting everyone’s time including your own. Whatever you do though, don’t give up. That next email you send or blog you read might lead to you finding your biggest supporter. It’s always worth a shot, but unless you’re sensible with your expectations and are willing to be at least a little bit honest with yourself along the way, you’re not likely to make it past a single blogger’s delete button.

Read the whole thing (and my comment!) here.

And Chris Bracco’s free eBook on getting written about by blogs is essential reading too.