Short and sweet.

In this interview Gwen Stefani reveals that she tries to write hits:

Stefani, undoubtedly, aims to write songs that could potentially become hits. “Why wouldn’t you want that many people listening to the songs that you wrote?” Stefani says in the interview. “So the intentions of even the solo records were always about trying to write those guilty-pleasure albums that just get in your head and you can’t get out. I’m not cool, I’m not into the B-sides.”

She also recalls some very valuable advice she received from the iconic guitarist and pop singer-songwriter, Prince. Stefani explains, “Prince, who is one of my idols, gave me some advice when I worked with him: ‘Have you ever just tried writing a hit? Like, don’t just try writing a song, try and write a hit song.’ I remember him saying that and me thinking, Yeah, you’re right. Why would you write anything else?”

That is seriously good advice.

Clearly she followed Prince’s wise words! See her proving it here.