Making the most of your album release is something that almost every indie or diy musician falls short on.

You slave away and make a great record and then put huge effort into the release, but within a few weeks, it’s all over.

These two posts look at this issue in different ways.

This great post from We All Make Music sets out five things that you really ought to be doing to maximise the impact of your release.

Just because you have 500 copies of your new record sitting in your apartment doesn’t mean you should start selling them at shows or online right away. If you just spent three, six, maybe even ten months creating a new album, the least you can do is spend at least three months (if not more!) promoting it.  Here are a few steps that every young independent band should take to ensure the release of their record is as successful as possible:

Read all 5 tips here. 

And then there’s this post from Greg Rollett. Greg looks at music promotion and marketing in a way that nobody else does. He is an internet marketer, and experts in that field really are at the cutting edge of how to use the internet to market stuff – anything – but Greg applies it to music.

In his post and video he focuses entirely on how to extend the shelf life of your album once it’s released so that it’s not all over in a matter of weeks.

Read the post here