Weird thing for me to say, I know, given that I spend a lot of time pointing out ways to market and promote your music.

BUT, I really liked this post on Hypebot that got a bit of flak in the comments – which you ought to read just as thoroughly as the post.

The post, in essence, talks about the tools and industry that exist around aspiring artists (of which we are one, I guess) in order to help them build a fanbase and sell more music.

And, it points out that learning all the tricks in the book won’t make any difference to many artists – you cannot market somebody’s wallet to open!

Well, actually you can, but all the marketing ideas in the world MUST come after you have become MARKETABLE!

That’s what people forget.

The advent of digital distribution for all and the myriad ways that you can reach and engage fans has levelled the playing field for all artists, but most won’t succeed as they haven’t perfected their art. People will only buy great music and become fans of great artists.

Focus on that first and then learn how to spread the word.

Unfortunately, and I hate that it is true (but it’s why we started writing the blog in the first place), most of the people who read our posts and those of the other ‘music marketing’ advice blogs will believe that they are ready and that their material is awesome. They will therefore plough into learning how to promote and market and use every tool under the sun, when the thing that they should be concentrating on is their music!

Go and read the post and comments here.